About Darrell Calkins

About Darrell Calkins, CobaltSaffron seminars and retreat with Darrell Calkins

Darrell Calkins teaches, lectures and leads seminars and retreats around the world and has more than 35 years of experience working in highly diverse and complex social, religious, cultural and political contexts. His classes and seminars have covered a spectrum that ranges from communication skills for psychologists and priests to stress management for terminally ill children to humor and mysticism in Asian philosophies. He has served as a trainer and consultant for teachers, artists, athletes, public speakers, clergy, negotiators and others in high-performance professions.

His background includes studies in philosophy, comparative religions and psychology at UC Berkeley and Yale, as well in-depth training in Zen, martial arts, yoga and related disciplines for over 40 years and a three year stay in a Zen monastery in Japan. He is the author of numerous essays, newsletters, Re:, a collection of letters, and an audio collection of recordings from seminars and retreats.


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